HIV/Hepatitis C awareness ribbonPress Statement 17th July 2005

Saturday 18 July 2015

Sent out earlier to all our usual contacts:


Reacting to the written statement on infected blood by Lord Prior of Brampton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Health today, sneaked out on a quiet Friday afternoon, campaign group TaintedBlood says that the weakness of the Government’s statement of further delay will cause, not simply 'frustration', but deep despair, anger, outrage, depression and bewilderment for thousands of people given the apparent disarray within the Department of Health.

It completely lacks any consideration for the impact a further delay will have on those affected, the 7,500 infected by HIV, Hepatitis C and other viruses, and the families of the 2,000-plus of these who have so far died. More had been hoped for after Prime Minister David Cameron’s Commons apology in March and intense lobbying by MPs on behalf of their constituents.

“Over the course of the last parliament TaintedBlood and those affected, offered every opportunity to inform and guide the Government toward a suitable resolution. They were notified that they would need to consult - in fact, that they have a duty to consult!” said the co-chairs of TaintedBlood.

“In Scotland, where it seems there is acceptance of this, a consultation has already begun. Westminster has provided the circumstances where the SNP could outmanoeuvre them and they now have significant ground to make up. Procrastination over how to achieve a settlement as cheaply as possible seems the most likely cause.

“The detail within today's statement is not entirely surprising and in our opinion could have been forthcoming much sooner.

“Government is capable of addressing almost any situation from economic turmoil to war and terrorism almost overnight when they want to. To say we are disappointed with the Government’s inability to resolve this within the five years they had in coalition, let alone the need for a further year or more, barely captures the disbelief we feel at being strung along for so long without tangible results. In fact to quote one of our number today, it is downright cruel.

“David Cameron, the Department of Health and their advisors know what needs to be done. Funding should have nothing to do with setting future NHS budgets, it should come out of the contingency fund. It is a disaster in which many have suffered over so many years. The Government should get on and do it without any further manufactured delays!”

Joseph Peaty &
Sue Threakall

Article submitted by Sue Threakall

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