We are proud to bring to you one of taintedblood's most accomplished achievements:

The taintedblood.info Accusations Document - The Contaminated Blood Catastrophe

The document lays out in incredible detail the failings and criminal acts of those who had the power to prevent the contaminated blood disaster in the UK from ever occurring, and backs up those claims with irrefutable evidence painstakingly gathered by many people over many years.

The document presented here is a PDF, approximately 2.6 MB in size, optimised for faster viewing on the web. We recommend that you view this file using a broadband connection due to its size, but it is entirely possible to view the document on a slower connection. To make this easier, we have included links in the contents list below to enable you to jump to various areas of the document (although the entire document will be downloaded and you will be able to navigate through it). You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the document.

Further useful documents
1990/91 Litigation

These are a selection of documents pertaining to the outcome of the initial litigation into HIV contaminated blood products in 1990/91.

Justice Harry Ognall's statement of direction
Document of advice on settlement
Lawyers' response to advice on settlement
Main settlement note
Main settlement agreement
Schedule 7 of settlement agreement
Schedule 8 of settlement agreement
Immunity appeal document
Waiver/undertaking not to litigate in the future

Further evidence: international response to the contaminated blood tragedy

The Krever Commission Report
(Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada)

Table of Contents
Volume I     (Canadian Blood System, HIV / AIDS Some Important Milestones)
Volume II    (Safety in Blood Products)
Volume III   (International Responses - see Chap. 33 for United Kingdom)


The Lindsay Tribunal Document
Tribunal of Inquiry into the Infection with HIV and Hepatitis C of Persons with Haemophilia in Southern Ireland)
Live download link for the entire Lindsay Tribunal document (499 pages)
Lindsay Tribunal Report document on this site - beware, large file (40MB)


Parliament of Australia – The Senate - Community Affairs References Committee
Report: Hepatitis C and the blood supply in Australia
http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/clac_ctte/completed_inquiries/2002-04/hepc/report/report.pdf (138 pages)