The Committee

Taintedblood was formed in early 2006 by its two founding members, Gareth Lewis and Andy Evans. Since then, the Taintedblood committee has consisted of various members of the contaminated-blood-affected community, many of whom have been there since shortly after the group was formed, but also others who have spent shorter periods of time on the team.

All members of the committee act in a voluntary capacity. Taintedblood has no paid members of staff, and any funds raised are used solely towards fulfilling the aims of the group.

Below is a list and short biography of the current committee members of Taintedblood. Please contact us through our contact page if you wish to reach any specific member of the team.

Sue Threakall

Chair     Sue Threakall - contact Sue

Sue has been with TaintedBlood since 2006. She lost her husband, Bob, in 1991 due to HIV/AIDS from contaminated haemophilia treatment. Sue became Secretary to the group in February 2008 and took over the chair in February 2011, following the death of Gareth Lewis.

Sue has been partly responsible for working with the evidence the group accumulates through Freedom of Information and other various sources, and processing entries for the TaintedBlood timeline and for other documents of evidence; she was also the brains behind the memories page. She brings with her many years of experience campaigning for those affected by contaminated blood, especially those widowed through the disaster.

Please contact Sue with any general queries.

Mark Ward

Secretary     Mark Ward - contact Mark

Mark has been with Taintedblood since late 2006. Another recipient of HIV and Hepatitis C through contaminated haemophilia treatment, Mark's role within the committee is focused upon general secretarial tasks, to those affected and media relations. He is also heavily involved in forging links with other organisations and is a key player in forming the group's future strategies. Mark's experience of working with specific sectors of the contaminated blood community makes him an asset to the group. Mark also writes a regular article on behalf of Taintedblood for Positive Nation magazine.

Please contact Mark with general queries and international issues

Richard Warwick

Audio-Visual     Richard Warwick - contact Richard

Richard is married and is a severe haemophiliac, first diagnosed when he was three years old. Prior to that he had not received any treatment. In the 1970s he was infected with HIV, and then in 1981 with Hepatitis C, through treatment with infected blood products. Richard is also a controlled epileptic. He is skilled in the field of PC graphics, Electronics, Audio-Visual editing and production. He is also actively interested in wildlife photography.

Richard has been actively involved in the campaign for some time now, and has contributed greatly with his skills in the audio-visual field, creating videos and sourcing material for the YouTube CampaignTB media archive. He has also worked designing and producing the TaintedBlood banners and campaign placards.

Please contact Richard for all IT issues involving the media pages, YouTube and Facebook.

Kate Thomas

Wales representative     Kate Thomas - contact Kate

Kate Thomas is married to David - David is a mild haemophiliac who was infected with Hepatitis C, via contaminated treatment at the age of 10. Kate has been campaigning since the beginning of 2010 after a biopsy showed David as having advanced liver fibrosis. Since this time, both Kate and David have told friends and family about the Hep C and are doing all they can to help the campaign. Kate’s work with the group has concentrated on lobbying MPs at Westminster and working with members of the Welsh Assembly.

David has undergone three courses of interferon treatment that unfortunately have been unsuccessful; his most recent being last year.

Kate and David have two young children and both work hard balancing work, children and campaigning.

Please contact Kate with any queries specific to Welsh issues.

Bruce Norval

Scotland repesentative     Bruce Norval - contact Bruce

Biography pending

Please contact Bruce with any queries specific to Scottish issues.

Joseph Peaty

Publicity     Joseph Peaty - contact Joseph

Joseph was diagnosed with severe haemophilia when he was 9 months old. He received cryoprecipitate in the late 1960’s and soon developed an antibody to the treatment, rendering it useless. He did not receive regular treatment again until the advent in the early 1980’s of inhibitor by-passing products’ and a new ‘antibody tolerance’ therapy that required vast amounts of treatment with factor 8. By 1982, aged 16, he had been infected with HIV & by 1991 Hepatitis C. He was additionally exposed to treatment from a vCJD infected donor.

After 11 years working within his local education authority he became severely ill with complications related to his co-infection. The advent of new drug therapies in 1996 was fortunate and timely. Medically retired due to his injuries which still persist, he has been reliant on home care support ever since and now balances campaigning with his ill health.

Joseph has been campaigning privately since the mid-1980’s often remaining anonymous in public interviews to protect his job and family. He decided to be more open about his condition in 2007 with the inception of the Archer inquiry and has become more openly active in the media since.

Already familiar with many of the tainted blood campaigners and sharing the same objectives he now hopes to compliment the campaign more formally with his own political and media experiences to bring about the closure all the affected community deserve.

Please contact Joseph with any general issues involving publicity

Gareth Lewis

Gareth Lewis, R.I.P.

Gareth was one of the founding members of TaintedBlood. He was infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through his haemophilia treatment in the early 1980s. Since the group’s inception he occupied the role of Chairman, and continued to do so until his sudden and unexpected death from a massive stroke on 13th December 2010. Gareth had long and varied experience of campaigning for people affected with contaminated blood, particularly as co-founder of the Birchgrove Group in the 1980s. For many years he was also a Trustee of the Haemophilia Society. He did a great deal of press work over the years and regularly attended events, lobbies, meetings, etc as part of the campaign. He sat on and chaired a variety of committees. His influence and knowledge were far-reaching and he will be very much missed by all who knew him.

Rest in Peace, Gareth

Haydn Lewis

Haydn Lewis, R.I.P.

Haydn campaigned for truth and justice for over half of his life. He joined TaintedBlood at its start in 2006. He was infected with HIV in the 1980s and Hepatitis C in 1990 through haemophilia treatment. Like many other haemophiliacs he was also exposed to vCJD. In 2009 he underwent a liver transplant which seemed for a while to be successful. Sadly this was not to last and in 2010 his liver cancer came back with a vengeance.

Haydn was jointly responsible for the inception and much of the content of the Taintedblood Timeline, and was instrumental in processing data accumulated from Freedom of Information and other sources and turning it into useable evidence towards proving our cause. He had an amazing mind and his political knowledge and understanding was second to none. He fought so hard to live, even trying pioneering drugs in the hope of buying time to spend with his wife Gaynor, and his family. He loved his life and his home and wanted so much to reach an end to the campaign so that he could spend time leading as normal a life as possible. Sadly, this was not to be, and Haydn died on 21st May, 2010. He left behind a void that will never be filled, and will be much missed by everyone who knew him.

Rest in Peace, Haydn

Charles Loder

Charles Loder, R.I.P.

Charles was a valued and hard-working member of the TaintedBlood committee from 2007 until his death on 12th March, 2009. He was a haemophiliac and had been infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through contaminated blood products. He took on the role of treasurer and then dedicated himself to becoming fully versed with the history of our campaign. He diligently read through many of the documents we accessed, determined to completely understand and interpret everything in them. He often came up with incisive comments and a whole new slant on things. He never hid the fact that he was very angry about what had happened to himself and others, and was willing to do whatever it took in order to achieve truth and justice. Although the Archer Inquiry report was published before Charles died, sadly he passed away before he was able to see all that he had fought for come to fruition. Hopefully he realised that we will never give up until our aims are achieved. Charles had a great sense of humour and until his recent ill-health our phones were often buzzing with his latest joke. The phones and the campaign will be quieter and sadder with his passing.

Rest in Peace, Charles.

Gary Kelly

Gary Kelly, R.I.P.

Gary was an active member of the TaintedBlood committee until his unexpected death in December, 2008.

After receiving HIV-infected blood in 1986, during his treatment for AML Leukaemia, Gary began campaigning for justice and continued to do so right up until his death. His heart was weakened by anti-viral drugs, yet despite suffering two heart attacks he still worked tirelessly for all those infected and affected by HIV as a result of receiving contaminated NHS blood. He was a particular ambassador for those who, like himself, who were not haemophiliacs. He gave evidence at the Archer Inquiry and was passionate about the Scottish Inquiry.

As well as being a strong supporter of TaintedBlood, and an active committee member, Gary was also Chair of the HIV Blood Transfusion Group and a member of the Eileen Trust. He once said:

"We have been given a life sentence without parole, while those who are responsible have continued their high flying careers".

Rest in Peace, Gary.