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You can also write to a Lord.

NEW! MP Edward O'Hara has tabled an Early Day Motion (number 538) calling on the Government to welcome the Bill tabled by Lord Morris of Manchester, which aims to pass into the law the recommendations of the Archer Inquiry into Contaminated Blood and Blood Products... please ask your MP to sign this EDM as soon as possible! Click here to view the EDM online.


The taintedblood.info team would like to thank and acknowledge the work done by Haemophilia Action UK (in particular Carol Grayson for her tireless devotion to the cause), the Birchgrove Group, the Manor House Group, the UK Haemophilia Society and countless individuals in the past to lay the foundations for us to build on, and those that continue to work towards our aims today. Many of those individuals have since passed away, and we hope that this site can be a lasting tribute to their lives and all that they achieved. We hold their banner high, and will not stop until justice is done.